Soul Baptism

Berlin 2015
Acrylic/Glitter on 1mm wood
40×40 cm
current location Munich

Dig the salt on my skin as it mixes with sand,
Nail polish splints from long dips into the sea.
Dig the constant cold breeze in my lungs,
Telling my soul the ocean is close.
Dig the water so turquoise and bright,
It washes away all memories of black and of grey.
Dig the taste of freshly chopped watermelon,
Blueberry ice cream and lemon.
Dig the unsealed way to the forlorn beach,
Pakiri, Rarawa, Matauri Bay.
Dig the feeling of walking on sand the first time,
Shells, wood and stone tickling under my feet.
Dig the colour of Kiwi,
Avocado and honey, jade, grass and red volcanic soil.
Dig the flavour of buttered Hoki with chips,
Mussels and shrimps, sweet potato and beef.
Dig looking for cows with a special nice print,
Sheep like white cotton wool on a field.
Dig driving all day with Jack White in my ear,
A home on the wheel and the journey our reward.
Dig the millions of sparkles in the starry clear night,
Milky Way showing its beauty.
Dig the Possum, the darkness’ undaunted guest,
Unwelcomed creature bound to the dawn.
Dig Te Paki the royal king of all dunes,
Looming high into heaven and burning hot like hellfire.
Dig the bubbling warm pools near Mount Mauntganui,
Reminder of a giant who sleeps in the hill.
Dig the secret stream of flawless rock water
And smoking Lady Knox, the Grand Madame of Steam and Sulfur.
Dig Auckland my love,
K’Road, Harbour, Volcane Lane.
Dig proud Rangitoto,
Silent sole guardian on the horizon.
Dig the Hare Krishnas shanting,
Verona wearing a new dress.
Dig the poor hill with the chopped down tree,
The signs in Maori and English.
Dig crafted beer and tasty white wine,
Bundaberg doing its magic.
Dig the unusual song of the exotic bird,
The sound of Kiwi English.
Dig Te Reinga where the Pacific engulfs Tasman Sea,
Sacred place of the living and dead.
Dig legends that sound like an old man’s hope,
Making me wish they were my destiny too.
Dig the untouched beauty of this liberating land,
So close to my soul yet on the world’s other end.
Dig long windy roads that make me forget the reality,
Mankind, consciousness, truth.
Dig the clouds, the long white clouds,
Forever dig these delicate clouds,
Promising Farewell is Goodbye and we’ll soon meet again,